The ABOVE CREATIVE SERIES of Shears are designed with the creative stylist in mind. Within the mind of a stylist, There are many versatile ways of creating a perfect haircut. 

The ABOVE CREATIVE SERIES gives the stylist the same creativity in their Shears.

You decide on the Function, Style and Design of your Custom Hair Cutting Shear!

Options for Customizing.....
•Thumb and Handle Design
•Blade Options
•Blade Size


Thumb Design
Choose between Rotating or Non Rotating 

Handle Design 

Comfort Handle:

A Handle with the most comfort in mind for the stylist. Ergonomically designed to create less stress and maximum comfort while cutting hair.

Ergo Handle:

With the Maximum focus on Ergonomically correct cutting the Ergo Handle creates the most ergonomic wrist positioning while allowing perfect blade control of your shears.

Blade Options

Cutting / Sliding

(Offers Precision Cutting with the Tip of the Shear Blade/ Slide Cutting with Middle of the Shear Blade.)

Cutting Only

(Offers Optimal Precision Cutting)


Yes! Size always matters... You select the size of your shears to fit your Style of Cutting!

Most Model Range from 5.50” up to 6.75”


Many Models Also available in a True Left Handed Shear.



• Hair: Dry/Wet 

• Craftsmanship: Handcrafted 

• Steel: Japan Aichi Cobalt 440C 

• Screw: Japan 

• Hardness: 60±1