StyleCraft introduces an exciting series of next-generation, lightweight, high-velocity and low-decibel hairdryers as well as sleek, ultra-slim irons with elongated plates. StyleCraft also offers unique compact, lightweight, high-
powered professional travel dryers, irons and accessories that are foldable and ideal for creative salon retailing.
StyleCraft is the first to incorporate new Tri-Plex Fusion (TPF) technology in all of its hairdryers and irons. This
proprietary fusion of Nano-Keratin, Ceramic and Tourmaline combine to provide a triple treatment for hair while
styling. For health, it contains Nano-Keratin to revitalize and restore hair from the inside out. To reduce frizz, a
special Ceramic complex enables mega doses of negative ions to better close and seal the cuticle. To complete the
process, an advanced Tourmaline infusion emits over 20 times more negative ions than traditional tools. The final
result is hair that looks and feels hydrated, smoother, shinier and frizz-free.