YANAKI COMBS (Hand-Crafted Japanese Combs) $22.00

YANAKI COMBS (Hand-Crafted Japanese Combs) $22.00

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100% Hand-Crafted YANAKI Japanese Combs

The YANAKI Series is a new wave in hair care technology. While other combs are quick molded plastic, YANAKI Combs are hand-milled from hi tech polymers used in modern computers. The cutting edge material is sterilizer compatible and designed to provide the ultimate in heat, static and chemical resistance.

Material is just one of the quality innovations that YANAKI provides. In the Japanese tradition, our highly durable combs are hand-crafted to provide the ultimate in performance and balance. 

YANAKI Series is proud to provide a comb that is both exquisite and of the high quality that top professional hair stylist demand.