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Faster, easier to use, and cleaner cuts than ever before. Cosine makes it possible.

Introducing the “cosine” next-generation razor, jointly-developed by MIZUTANI and Mr. Katsuji Oono, a razor specialist.

Katsuji Oono

“For me, a razor is like a 6th finger that cuts exactly the way I want. I think of it as a tool for customizing each customer’s hairstyle. A razor is essential for developing the style you picture in your mind. If hair design is like engraving, then a razor is similar to a fine chisel used for adding detail. The cosine is a wonderful tool that enables you to develop length, structure, and texture at the same time. This saves time on haircutting, which you can then consider using for other services.”

Mr. Oono’s expertise and knowledge are evident in many features of the cosine, such as its perfect weight and balance, and rotation so smooth you’ll want to try it out for yourself. The unique design has an organic shape, and the product itself is a crystallization of the passion and ingenuity of a razor specialist. Using the cosine is like nothing else. Try one out for yourself and you’re sure to fall more in love with it each time. Mr. Oono has held over 2,000 seminars over the last 30 years, and many stylists have been influenced by his ideas. He continues to work in a salon even now, all while engaging in nationwide educational activities for stylists.