SHEARPOLICE Kyoto Rotation GV Cutting (SCMP)

SHEARPOLICE Kyoto Rotation GV Cutting (SCMP)

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Kyoto GV Cutting 

The swivel system enables 360 degrees pivot allowing you to hold your thumb however you like. Cutting in extreme angle is possible with minimum change of handle delivering less strain on wrist and elbow.


  • Blade: Convex Edge
  • Handles Available:  Right Offset Swivel
  • Finish: Mirror Polish
  • Tension: Flat Screw
  • Size:  6.0 inches
  • Medal: Forged 440c Stainless Steel

Convex cutting edges hand-honed to a forged stainless steel that’s twice tempered, edges are just ideal for slicing and slide cutting.  The adjustable screw system stabilizes the blade over a wide area softening the feel of a cut.