Collection: SWIVEL Haircutting Shears (SWIVL) COLLECTION

View our professional hair cutting shears, made of 100% Japanese molybdenum alloy Steel. Dry cutting shears, wet cutting shears, and texturizing shears.
The Rotating Thumb or Swivel Thumb Haircutting Shear is designed to alleviate stress on the wrist, shoulder and elbow and back that is associated with the repetitiveness of hair cutting on a daily basis. The Swivel Thumb Shear helps to prevent Carpel Tunnel syndrome that many hairstylist suffer from due to repetitive motion in an un ergonomically correct cutting position. Getting familiar cutting using a Swivel or Rotating Thumb Shear takes no time at all, leaving many stylist and Barbers wondering how they ever cut hair comfortably without it! Try the Revolutionary SWIVL Tough Blade for maximum control and cutting pleasure.