(Distributor of MIZUTANI, SENSEIABOVE brand shears as well as YS PARK Combs and styling tools.

SHEARPOLICE Is an educational based shear distributor that believes a professional quality haircutting shear doesn't have to be so expensive!

With over 20 Years background in RUSK Haircutting and education using RUSK Haircutting and Texturizing Shears Jim Roberts wanted to advance the quality and availability of Education and professional haircutting shears to the next level, SHEARPOLICE was created to offer an the highest quality in haircutting, styling tools and education.

With the mindset that the enemy of volume and movement within a haircut is weight and the ability to contol the efficiency and consistency of a haircut lies within the Shears you choose. 

With more than 20 Years focusing on haircutting education SHEARPOLICE is made up of a team of individuals who know and understand quality education.
SHEARPOLICE Conducts In Salon haircutting Demos as well as Hands-On haircutting education for professional Stylists and Barbers.

The SHEARPOLICE Artistic Team is made up the following.
J.Roberts, Maggie ORourke Roberts, Naz Kupelian



J Roberts Previous experience was with CONAIR and the Rusk Creative Team traveling the world sharing education in the role of Rusk and Babyliss Pro Show and Education Director.

J Roberts departed Rusk in 2017 to continue pursuing the highest quality in both Education and Professional Haircutting Shears. Through sharing the concept of an Idea with his former Teammates SHEARPOLICE was born!

J Roberts is a successful salon owner of J Roberts Salons with a salon in Roanoke,VA.

When asked what the most rewarding part of his journey this far J Roberts replied...

”To Share Professional haircutting education with someone who has all the intentions of making another person feel good about themselves all while making a living doing so. That’s what it’s all about!”



Maggie ORourke Roberts


Maggie has an extensive background in cutting, styling and coloring. With over 10 years vested as a Rusk Master Stylist and traveling the world. Maggie departed Rusk in 2017 to continue a positive journey and a new beginning with SHEARPOLICE.

Maggie brings a personal connection to every stylist she comes in contact with through the sharing of quality haircutting education.

Being a successful Salon owner in Roanoke,Va Maggie possesses knowledge beyond her years and a positive attitude beyond most peoples understanding.


Naz Kupelian


Naz Kupelian brings over 20 years of Education experience to the SHEARPOLICE Team. A Previous Rusk Creative Team member traveling the world and sharing Education. Naz departed Rusk in 2017 to continue a journey of inspiring stylist through quality cutting and styling skills. Naz not only inspires through his hands he also inspires through his mind with a forward thinking approach to business. 

Naz Kupelian Salon has been named “Best in Boston” and rightfully deserved with the dedication and drive that Naz Kupelian has to share..